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Are You A User or Developer?

Our video tutorials and presentations serve as powerful learning tools for both beginning users and experienced developers alike.

Choosing Your Learning Path

User Guide: For beginners, our video tutorials provide a visual and interactive way to learn how to use the software through step-by-step instructions.

Developer Guide: For experienced developers, we offer both video tutorials and in-depth lecture slides enabling the implentation of advanced techniques and allow you to stay updated with the latest industry practices.

All Content In This Section:

  1. Tutorials
    • Users guide
    • Developers guide
  2. Use-Cases
    • ICA - Solar and Batteries
    • Resilience - Extreme Weather
    • Tariff - Billing
    • Electrication - Green Planet
  3. Reports
    • In-depth Literature
    • News Articles

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Navigate to Tutorials to get started on the learning materials. Learn about the sucess stories of Arras Energy’s implentation for Use-Cases. Read into in-depth literature and news articles at Reports.