Meet Our Team

To achieve our goals of making Arras Energy an open resource to all students, researchers, and developers, our team has ensured to collaborate with the best.


Dive into the world of open-source energy software and learn how the Linux Foundation drives energy industry advancements by supporting innovative projects like HiPAS GridLAB-D.


Discover groundbreaking energy research and initiatives led by Stanford’s top experts, shaping the future of sustainable energy solutions.


Explore cutting-edge research and advancements in energy science and technology at SLAC, a world-renowned research facility. (TSC) - David Chassin


Learn about California’s commitment to renewable energy and how the California Energy Commission drives sustainable energy policies and initiatives. (TSC) - Allen Le, Qing Tian


Uncover the vital role California Natural Resources Agency plays in preserving and managing diverse natural resources.

Amazon Web Services

Experience the power of cloud computing and advanced technologies with Amazon Web Services, empowering businesses to drive innovation and efficiency. (TSC) - Pedram Jahangiri PNNL

Delve into groundbreaking research and innovations in energy at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, where scientific discoveries are shaping a sustainable future. (TSC) - Frank Tuffner


Read about Hitachi USA R&D’s market-driven approach for Hitachi’s Social Innovation Business as part of the Hitachi Global Center for Social Innovation (CSI). Collaborating closely with customers, R&D identifies and tackles both evident and latent challenges, utilizing Hitachi’s diverse technology portfolio and operational expertise to deliver tailored solutions. (TSC) - Joseph Chongfuangprinya

Utility Companies

Arras Energy’s open-source platform has gained widespread adoption among public utilities companies, making it accessible to diverse groups and driving sustainable energy solutions. See HiPAS GridLAB-D Report (pg. 11) for full utility list.

Pacific Gas & Electric Co.

Discover how Pacific Gas & Electric Co. is leading in sustainable energy solutions to power a greener future.

San Diego Gas & Electric

Learn about San Diego Gas & Electric’s innovative initiatives towards clean energy and community engagement.

Southern California Edison Company

Explore Southern California Edison Company’s commitment to advancing renewable energy and grid modernization. (TSC) - Anthony James


Join the mission of driving a resilient and equitable energy transition with Gridworks, a catalyst for positive change in the grid and energy sector.

national grid

Uncover the energy solutions of tomorrow with National Grid, a leading provider of clean and reliable electricity, shaping the future of sustainable power.

Technical Steering Committee

  • David Chassin - Manager of Grid Integration Systems and Mobility at SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory (SLAC)

  • Frank Tuffner - Staff Research Engineer at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL)

  • Pedram Jahangiri - Solution Architect Leader at Amazon Web Services (AWS)

  • Anthony James - Senior Engineer and Data Scientist with Applied RD&D, Asset Strategy and Planning at Southern California Edison (SCE)

  • Allen Le - Mechanical engineer at California Energy Commission (CEC)

  • Joseph Chongfuangprinya - Principal researcher at Hitachi America, Energy Solutions Lab, R&D. (Hitachi)

Emeritus Members

  • David Pinney - Engineering Manager and Energy Analysis at National Rural Electric Cooperative Association (NRECA)

  • Qing Tian - Engineer and research program manager at California Energy Commission (CEC)